Storytime with Dana: ‘Good Day, Good Night’ plus summer reading recommendations

Since the lockdowns began, I’ve been reading books to children every weekday afternoon between “The Daily Briefing” and “The Five.” Storytime with Dana began with just a little idea I had to help out parents during the quarantine. I thought I’d be able to give kids something to do for a little bit while their parents could finish an email, throw in a load of laundry, or just have a moment to sit down and relax.

I remember after the 9/11 attacks, then-first lady Laura Bush recommended that parents try to keep a reading routine with their children because it helped kids deal with uncertainty and worry, as well as gave them a chance to let their imaginations run free and wild. From the day I started Storytime on my Facebook page, Fox News Channel, ever supportive of ideas, marshaled forces across multiple company platforms to amplify its reach.

Over the last two months, through Fox News digital, Fox Nation, Fox News’ social media reach on Facebook and YouTube, and my Facebook reach, people have viewed Storytime over 11.5 million times. That’s simply amazing.

And now, as we begin the summer, it seems like the right time to bring Storytime to an end. It has been a joy to read these books, often with Jasper sitting next to me eating a few chicken poppers while I read. I’m grateful for all of the responses, comments, and support from all across the country for our efforts.

I leave Storytime with a real treat for everyone.

My friend, Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberly Strassel, has long been an avid reader and she has three children, aged 8 to 15, who devour books. They loved Storytime, and they had the idea of putting together a list of all the books they’d recommend for different age groups, from readers who are just starting out all the way up to the Young Adult genre.

Kim’s kids took on this project with gusto, using ladders to pull down books from high shelves, remembering their favorite characters, and reliving the stories that inspired them, made them laugh, and helped them understand the world a little better. Kim said I could provide this list to all of you, and it’s a real honor to be able to share it. There are many books on here I recognize, though I realize I missed a bunch as I was growing up. I’ll enjoy finding these treasures and continuing to enjoy the gift of reading for all ages.

Thank you, Kim and family. This is truly an exceptional resource.

Happy reading, everyone. And thank you very much. For everything.

My final book to you: “Good Day, Good Night” by Margaret Wise Brown.