Interpol approves Palestinian membership despite Israeli objections

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palestinian objections membership israeli interpol despite approves

Published time: 27 Sep, 2017 20:05

Interpol has agreed to Palestine being a member. The move was backed by the majority of its members at their general assembly in Beijing despite strong objections from Israel.

According to Interpol’s website, Palestinian inclusion was “approved by a more than two-thirds majority vote.” 

Seventy-five nations voted in favor of Palestine joining in organization, with 24 voting against and 34 abstaining in the Chinese capital, Haaretz reported.

With Solomon Islands also accepted, the number of Interpol member states now stands at 192 the organization said.

Shortly before the vote in Beijing, the Israeli foreign ministry acknowledged that it had failed in its efforts to delay Palestinian acceptance for another year, Reuters reported.

Tel Aviv said Palestine was ineligible to join Interpol due to it not being an actual state.

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, earlier argued that applying to become an Interpol member was in violation of existing agreements between Palestine and Israel.

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Palestinian Foreign Minister, Riyad al-Maliki hailed the Interpol vote in a statement, saying that “this victory was made possible because of the principled position of the majority of Interpol members.”

“On this joyous occasion, the State of Palestine reiterates its commitment to upholding its obligations and contributing to fighting crime and furthering the rule of law,” al-Maliki added.