Trump lectures Brits that BoJo is ‘EXACTLY’ what they need

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Trump lectures Brits that BoJo is ‘EXACTLY’ what they need

US President Donald Trump has once again waded into the murky waters of Brexit and British politics, tweeting that PM Boris Johnson is “exactly” what the UK has been waiting for.

Such is the depth of the British public’s love for Johnson, it would be “very hard” for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to seek a no-confidence vote against him, Trump tweeted on Wednesday.

“Boris is exactly what the UK has been looking for,” and he will prove to be “great” at the job, Trump wrote. “Love UK” he added.

It’s not the first time Trump has offered his personal take on Brexit and Johnson. The US president previously lavished praise on the new Conservative PM, calling him a “very talented guy” and a “friend.” The blond-haired pair also appeared to hit it off at the G7 summit last week.

Johnson’s feelings haven’t always been so clear, however. When Trump claimed there were dangerous “no-go areas” in London, then-mayor Johnson accused him of “stupefying ignorance” and said he was “frankly unfit to hold the office” of US president.

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Trump’s latest musings on UK politics come as Britain’s queen approved Johnson’s request to suspend parliament with a Queen’s Speech scheduled for mid-October, a move that has outraged opposition MPs who say it could hamper their efforts to avoid a no-deal Brexit.

Perhaps Trump’s tweet will reassure them that everything will work out just fine in the end?

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