Indian fighter jets 'hit terror training camp' in Kashmir

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India says it has “eliminated” a large number of terrorists after fighter jets attacked a suspected training camp in the section of Kashmir controlled by Pakistan.

Pakistan immediately denied the claims from its neighbour, saying there were “no casualties” and “no infrastructure got hit”.

Two sources in the Indian security services told Sky News that a number of Mirage 2000 fighter jets carried out strikes in Chakoti and Balakot in an operation lasting 19 minutes.

It follows a suicide attack on Indian security forces on 14 February in which 41 soldiers were killed.

A vehicle filled with explosives was driven into a convoy transporting more than 2,500 personnel in the Indian section of Kashmir.

In a video, Pakistan based terror group Jaish-e-Muhammad (JeM) said it had carried out the attack.

Indian fighter jets 'hit terror training camp' in Kashmir
Pakistan says the bombs fell in the open. Pic: Twitter/@OfficialDGISPR

India’s foreign secretary, Vijay Gokhale, said his country had information that Jaish-e-Muhammad was planning more attacks in India, noting that Pakistan made a “solemn commitment in 2004 not to allow its territory to be used for terrorism against India”.

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He told reporters: “India has struck the biggest training camp of Jaish-e-Mohammad in Balakote, which was headed by Maulana Yousuf Azar, the brother in law of the chief of the JeM.

“A large number of JeM terrorists were eliminated.”

Indian fighter jets 'hit terror training camp' in Kashmir
Pakistani residents in the mountainous area of Balakot where India launched its raid

He added that the target was “located on a thick forest on a hill top far away from any civilian presence”.

But Major General Asif Ghafoor, spokesperson for Pakistan’s armed forces, tweeted pictures purporting to show that the “payload of hastily escaping Indian aircrafts fell in (the) open”.

He added that Indian aircraft “intruded from Muzafarabad sector” and faced “timely and effective response from Pakistan Air Force”.

“No infrastructure got hit, no casualties,” he wrote.

Indian fighter jets 'hit terror training camp' in Kashmir
India's foreign secretary, Vijay Gokhale, says terrorists were 'eliminated'

There has been outrage in India following the suicide bombing earlier this month, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi warning Pakistan to expect a strong response.

In reply, Pakistan’s prime minister, Imran Khan, told India: “If you attack us, Pakistan will not think – but will retaliate.

“Pakistan has been a victim of terrorism – over 70,000 Pakistanis have lost their lives due to this. Terrorists are enemies of Pakistan.”