Hundreds of Quds Day marchers in Tehran condemn Trump’s Mid East peace plan (PHOTOS & VIDEOS)

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Hundreds of Quds Day marchers in Tehran condemn Trump’s Mid East peace plan (PHOTOS & VIDEOS)

Iran marked its Quds Day celebrations with a sharp condemnation of US President Donald Trump’s Middle East peace plan. People filled the streets across Iran to voice opposition to the deal.

“Without a doubt, the Deal of the Century will turn into Failure of the Century, and will not yield results,” Iranian President Hassan Rouhani told media in Iran’s capital Friday, referring to a peace plan Washington hopes to unveil this summer.

Rouhani joined thousands of citizens in Tehran for a national tradition observed each year on the final Friday of Ramadan. Since the Islamic Revolution of 1979, Iranians have marked the day with an event in honor of al-Quds – the Arabic name for the city of Jerusalem – and the broader Palestinian cause. The event is celebrated in much of the Muslim world.

In a sea of colorful banners and flags, energized demonstrators marched through downtown Tehran chanting slogans, many harshly critical of the United States and Israel.

President Rouhani summed up the mood in his statement, describing the event as “the day of all Muslims standing up to the aggressors in the world,” hoping to send the message “that Palestine is always alive and Quds belongs to Muslims.”

The demos got heated, as some of the revelers marked the occasion by setting fire to American and Israeli flags, as well as effigies of President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“It’s our duty based on the Quran to be sympathetic to Palestinians and tough on the Israelis,” one young female demonstrator told Press TV, when asked why she attended.

“I know there are so many problems in Iran … but the real importance is Islam,” another young lady said, sporting a bright yellow placard reading ‘al-Quds’ in large letters. “If we support together, if we stand together, we will be unbroken.”

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