First New Zealand terror victim named by family

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A 71-year-old man is the first victim of the New Zealand terror attack to be named by his family.

Haji Daoud Nabi – who ran the Afghan Association – was shot dead, his sons Omar and Yama told reporters outside the district court in Christchurch.

He was reported missing earlier by family members, who said they had called him several times but had not been able to get hold of him.

Omar Nabi told NBC News that his father threw himself in front of another worshipper during the attack, and had helped refugees start their new lives in New Zealand.

First New Zealand terror victim named by family
Omar Nabi speaks to the media about losing his father Haji Daoud in the mosque attacks

Fears are also growing for a missing three-year-old boy as families appeal for information on relatives.

Mucad Ibrahim, 3, was at the al Noor mosque in Christchurch with his brother and father when the shooting started and was confirmed missing by family members.

The toddler’s brother, Abdi, told New Zealand news site Stuff that he ran out of the mosque as fast as he could and rushed to hospital, believing his family would be there.

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First New Zealand terror victim named by family
Muca Ibrahim, 3, with his brother Abdi Ibrahim. Pic: Abdi Ibrahim

In a post on Facebook, he later shared a picture of the two of them with the caption: “Verily we belong to God and to Him we shall return. Will miss you dearly brother”.

A spokesman for Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that five Pakistani citizens are also missing after the attacks.

One of those is Syed Jahandad Ali, 34, who was confirmed missing by the Pakistan Association of New Zealand (PANZ).

First New Zealand terror victim named by family
Syed Jahandad Ali is a Pakistani citizen. Pic: Facebook

His wife, Amna Ali, told Stuff that she last spoke to her husband on Friday morning, before he left work to head to the al Noor mosque.

She spoke to friends and members of the community but could not find any information about his whereabouts.

Nine Indian citizens are also missing, according to a tweet posted by the Indian envoy to New Zealand, Sanjiv Kohli.

He said: “As per updates received from multiple sources there are 9 missing persons of indian nationality/origin. Official confirmation still awaited. Huge crime against humanity. Our prayers with their families.”

Politician Asaduddin Owaisi tweeted that Farhaj Ahsan, of Indian origin, was reported missing and requested assistance for his family in Hyderabad.

First New Zealand terror victim named by family
Farhaj Ahsan was confirmed missing by Indian politician Asaduddin Owaisi. Pic: Asaduddin Owaisi

He also asked for the family of Ahmed Jehangir, who is believed to have been shot in the attack, to be flown out to New Zealand.

Another person believed to be missing is Ali Elmadani, 66, who was born in Palestine.

His wife, Nuha Assad, has not heard from him since he went to the al Noor mosque to pray.

“I asked people on the street if I could use their phone,” she told Stuff.

“I called my husband and he didn’t pick up, but I’m sure he didn’t want his phone at the mosque.”

The family of Indonesian-born Lilik Abdul Hamid have also issued an appeal on Facebook to confirm his whereabouts.

First New Zealand terror victim named by family
The family of Lilik Abdul Hamid have appealed for information. Pic: Facebook

Lilik Abdul Hamid is a practising Muslim and lives in Christchurch.

A man of Egyptian origin, 37-year-old Osama Adnan, has also been reported missing.

His colleague tweeted an appeal and said he hoped Osama would “show up soon” and make a “full recovery”.

First New Zealand terror victim named by family
The colleague of Osama Adnan confirmed he is missing. Pic: @MohammadNour

Others believed to be missing are 28-year-old Vora Ramiz, 36-year-old Hussain al Umari and a boy who attends Cashmere High School.

The Bangladeshi consulate has confirmed that three of its citizens are among the dead and one is missing.

A Red Cross page has been set up so that those caught up in the attack can be marked as ‘safe’ or ‘missing’.